My role as a Black mothering multi-medium creative is to make sure that I’m constantly pushing the conversation forward on justice and equity forward so my children can inherit the best world possible. Holding these perspectives has led me to work for impact, not money, and made me extremely selective about the work I accept.

Should you believe you have an assignment that would be a good fit for my expertise, I accept work on a rolling basis and provide a variety of written and nonwritten services.

Below are some of my most frequent requests. Let’s talk about what service best fits your business needs.

Allow me to work with your brand or agency to develop content that reflects an awareness of the social realities that impact your audience.

I offer the following services for a per-project fee:

  • Writing ( My portfolio includes everything from articles to books and everything in between!)
  • Content strategy (development, planning, and review)
  • Consulting
  • Sensitivity reading
  • White paper development

Need a service not listed? Let’s discuss it!