A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez

Why Marginalized Millenimom?

I know what you’re thinking, “Why Marginalized Millenimom?

Well, let me tell you!

I saw plenty of places for moms who write, few places for millennials who write, and a handful of places that focused on social justice lovers who write when I first started writing.

But I didn’t see a place for a millennial mother with a passion for writing about social justice.

The result was feeling marginalized, once again.

There are certain aspects of culture that only moms born late enough to speak tech as a first language but early enough to still be in awe of hoverboards, understand.

Our relationships with our children are different than the generations before us. Our children often feel like some weird younger sibling/creature I gave birth to combo.

There are certain aspects of culture that only marginalized groups understand. The type of marginalization may be different for each person but mothers of color attempting to make it in this “post-racial society” face a unique set of circumstances.

Mix all of that together, and you’re in for an interesting life.

You don’t have to fit into all my identities to find this information useful, all that being said. My name simply means I refuse to choose one identity when all of them affect my life experiences.

If you’re a non-female millennial, this space can still be useful to you.

If you’re a not marginalized, this space can still be useful to you.

If you’re a not a mother, this space can still be useful to you.

All is required is a passion for growth.  (It helps if you want to write too ;))

Small Step Toward a Long Journey

I took a small step recently- A small step toward a long journey

However, this small step has huge significance. This step represents me investing in my future as a creative professional.

…. I bought a domain!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your dreams. It’s easy to listen to all the naysayers and lose faith in yourself. And it’s VERY easy to quit.

But what if, just this once, you didn’t take the path of least resistance.

What if… you challenged yourself to do more than the minimum.

And What if.. you accomplished your dream?

These are all things I think to daily:

  • I am over mediocrity.
  • I am tired of being shot down by others opinions.
  • And I am over hoping my dreams will come true.

From now on, I am making sure every day is a Small Steps Toward a Long Journey.

What about you? What steps do you plan to take to ensure you are taking active steps towards your dreams?

Comment below and tell me!