Content like your favorite director

Every business owner goes through the struggle of isolating their target audience. I’ve been laboring over this for weeks and believe I have finally found the answer. As any business owner knows, there is a problem for ever solution. So how can I develop content that captivates this audience and […]

Learn Freelancing from the Bottom Up

Learn Freelancing from the Bottom Up Many bloggers make the promise of educating you on the best practices of freelancing. A quick google search will reveal plenty of “*insert name here* made 8k this month. Here’s how!” results. But have you noticed they all come with some form of leg […]

Why Marginalized Millenimom?

I know what you’re thinking, “Why Marginalized Millenimom? Well, let me tell you! I saw plenty of places for moms who write, few places for millennials who write, and a handful of places that focused on social justice lovers who write when I first started writing. But I didn’t see […]

Wanna Step Up Your Professional Growth? You need One Thing.

The path to professional growth is difficult at any age. But for young people, there are even more dynamics to consider. Those dynamics include generation, technological, and, personal differences from the generations of entrepreneurs before us. These unique obstacles paired with the challenge of developing a professional AND personal identity can leave […]