Award-winning Journalist.Speaker.Author

A. Rochaun is a writer, speaker, and activist with a zeal for learning. Her passion for health, diversity, and equity are the cornerstones of her career and she is always open to opportunities to share her experiences and expand her knowledge.

You can read Rochaun’s content in many places including but not limited to the Washington Post (Print and Web), New York Magazine, Northeastern University’s publication, Experience, and InStyle.

She is also a National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Salute to Excellence Award recipient and the author of Investigating Institutional Racism, an educational resource released through Enslow Publishing, that is available for purchase.

In addition to being a Prism Contributing Fellow, Voting Rights (2019-2020), she is also a Regional Coordinator (Cheyenne) in the Feminist Leaders For Reproductive Justice through Auburn Seminary.  


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