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Every business owner goes through the struggle of isolating their target audience. I’ve been laboring over this for weeks and believe I have finally found the answer. As any business owner knows, there is a problem for ever solution. So how can I develop content that captivates this audience and helps them see value in who I am and what I do?

The answer came to my during leisure time and boy was it sweet.

Recently, I fell in love with hit HBO series ‘Insecure‘. The show follows a character who shares several of my demographics and a few of my struggles. The show feels so accurate that it felt like the show is specially made for me. And then my marketing brain pointed out that it likely was.

Our favorite TV shows are content.
The shows that we enjoy the most have the same qualities that our content should have a writers/ markets/ etc.

– Tailor made topics

I enjoy ‘Insecure’, but my husband doesn’t. And in the world of content, he doesn’t matter. Good content folks know it’s better to attract a small loyal following than lots of fair weather fans. It’s easy to feel like you are overlooking a ton of people when making tailor made content. But, the only ones we need to attract are those who will in invest in us and talk about how great we are. It’s ok my husband doesn’t like the show because they know techy gamer nerds weren’t their audience.

– Regular Content Production

During the active season, I never have to wonder when or where I can catch the latest episode of ‘Insecure’. Sure, I can watch it On Demand, but there is a designated time I know I can get my fix. If I miss something I like three times I’m not going back. That makes regular production important. When it comes to your audience, if you don’t use ’em, you might lose ’em.

I know as well as anyone that life happens. But as content producers, we should do our best to let our readers that we won’t disappear.

– Gradual information release

Your content should leave readers intrigued and curious about what will happen next. Each episode ends with a cliff hanger and kerflumple*. Those of us watching sit on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen next. In other words, leave some Kerflumple for you readers. As the old folks say- Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

-Provide previews

In the world of content, a little tease is ok. The writers of ‘Insecure know this, and they get me every time. By the time I’ve calmed down from the excitement of one episode, previews have highlighted the next. Captivating content should do something similar.

We can learn a lot by watching content from other mediums. Think about why you like the things you like. Your everyday habits can reveal ways to grab attention convert watchers into buyers.

Next time, we’ll talk about more ways we can learn marketing through everyday life. In the meantime, if you’re content is stuck without a strategy, contact me. I’d love to help.

* kerflumple – A word I made up.

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