Learn Freelancing from the Bottom Up

Learn Freelancing from the Bottom Up

Many bloggers make the promise of educating you on the best practices of freelancing.

A quick google search will reveal plenty of “*insert name here* made 8k this month. Here’s how!” results. But have you noticed they all come with some form of leg up?

Either they worked with content in some capacity. Or they had professional experiences that prepared them for self-employment.

“Skip your errors. Use mine” – Marginalized Millennimom

It’s true, I’ve made a lot of errors in the last six months. But I’m giving you the REAL freelance start-up picture.

Truthfully, if I had someone to reassure me of my value, I would have done better. But more importantly, I would have saved time.

With my advice, you can skip the “internships” expecting you to work for free. With my experience, you can bypass past writing 3 articles a week for $1 per 1k ad clicks. And with my foresight, you can reject the high expectations and low pay of 800 words for $15.

Learn Freelancing with me and we can grow together. No, you won’t learn everything from me cause I’m still learning. But you will gain a lot of helpful information on goal setting and developing important areas so you can make money while freelancing,

It cost nothing to try. Together, we can take a small step on a long journey.


Learn Freelancing from the Bottom Up

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